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Mar. 17th, 2007


So sad...:(:(:(

Well, today I was looking at the Torrid Website and found a t-shirt that made my whole day. I swear.

Madeline...awww man, that brings back the good ol' days. it really does. so, I went onto google, and looked up "Madeline". 

I came across this page: http://www.kidenergy.com/products-madeline.html

You see that doll right there? The one with the real-looking hair? 

I have ALWAYS wanted it. ALWAYS. I still do. 
I have the ragdoll Madeline doll. and I love it to death. But I remember when I was little, seeing a girl with a Madeline doll like that, and I wanted it so bad. and I still want it so bad.


it's discontinued. Not the ragdoll, nooooo. JUST THE ONE I WANT! 

and you can't find one ANYWHERE. AHH. I'm going to try ebay.

when I read that the Madeline stuff was discontinued, I swear, I nearly cried. How could they do that?? When I was a little kid, Madeline was so great! It was so much fun. She made learning fun. I had her books. I had her mini-dolls. I collected clothes for the doll. I had her movies. I had her computer games, which helped me with division, multipulcation, money, etc., I had her Sticker Fun Activity Book. I LOVED IT.

How could they? Madeline has such a warm place in my heart. I have such good memories of it.

I'm going to see if I can re-download the computer game onto my computer. I miss it. Hahaha.

I LOVE YOU, MADELINE! (even if you are discontinued!)

With Love,

Feb. 11th, 2007


A conversation between Amber and I (Sunday, Feb 11th, 2007).

Amber: Yea every "popular" person
Amber: yeah it is
Amber: i hate ppl like that
Me: haha
Me: yeah
Me: she's trying so hard to be "in" she's lost one of her oldest friends
Me: so, she wrote this in her about me section after reading that:
Amber: Define Popular: Wanna-be skinny, slutty, boney hoes that need attention from boys cuz they are losers and cant live with themselves.
Me: oh and by the way, dont fucking badmouth me to get a reaction. you aren't gonna effect me. i am way above you and your stupid attempt to have a life.(this is aimed directly at someone and if they think about it they will know its about them.)
Amber: well atleast the popular ppl from south
Me: hahaha
Me: yes
Amber: wow shes a loser. thats a wicked badd diss.
Me: I didn't really take her seriously for the following reasons:
Me: yes
Me: that's reason #1
Me: #2 - "Badmouth"??? BADMOUTH??? Who uses that word anymore? That was from like, 5th-6th grade!!
Me: #3 - I'm not going to take you seriously by using a double whammy of "Fucking" and "Badmouth"
Me: #4 or by the word "gonna"..that's so dumb when you're writing an insult
Me: #5 - It'd be "affect", not "effect"
Me: #6 - obviously, it did "effect" her
Me: #7 - I have a life. I'm not the one skipping classes and then complaining because I'm failing that class
Me: #8 - I didn't have to think about if it was aimed at me or not. Maybe this indicates that she really had to think hard if I was writing about her
Me: and that's basically it for me analyzing her "insult"
Amber: wow i love you
Me: hahaha
Amber: but yeah i agree with you
Me: yayyyyy!!
Me: support!
Me: but yeah...so I commented her back saying, "Oh, and by the way, don't ditch me for 6 months and then come back to me complaining about how your life sucks."
Amber: i wulda said the same stuff if i was in that position or i jus wuldnt deal with her cuz shes gun feel stupid wen they leave her and shes gunna have no friends left
Me: yep
Me: so THEEENNN!!! (this gets better)
Me: she posted a bulletin w/ the subject saying "yo." (cuz she's so hardcore)...I knew it was about me (AGAIN, I didn't even have to think about if it was directed to me or not! I must be an effing genious or something.) so I opened it. all it said was "Grow Up" w/ no punctuation (so of course, I didn't take her seriously again...man she's going to suck when she tries to make a job resume or application, or a job interview...)
Me: I typed the thing that was in my profile no
Me: now*
Me: saying that I did grow up, because I was the 'bigger man' and "apologized"
Amber: yeah and you did grow up
Me: it shows her how much better of a person I am
Amber: if shes gunna be stupid and act childish then let her be her
Me: haha
Me: yeah
Me: hahaha
Me: my thoughts exactly

Yeah.  so that was only a little, teeny-tiny part of the convo. the rest is VERY random.

and I'm glad Amber and I can still talk w/ no awkwardness. It's almost like we see eachother everyday when we talk.

God I miss her.

anywho, it's 11:19 right now, and my goal was to be in bed by 9:30 the latest.

I'll write more later.


Feb. 1st, 2007



<!-- BEGIN bunnyhero labs pet code -->
<a href="http://bunnyherolabs.com/adopt/showpet.php?b=bWM9dHVydGxlLnN3ZiZjbHI9MHg5OTMzJmNuPXRvcnR1Z2EmYW49ZW1pbHk="><img src="http://petimage.bunnyherolabs.com/adopt/petimage/bWM9dHVydGxlLnN3ZiZjbHI9MHg5OTMzJmNuPXRvcnR1Z2EmYW49ZW1pbHk=.png" width="250" height="300" border="0" alt="my pet!"></a>
<!-- END bunnyhero labs pet code -->

isn't he just the darlingest thing you've ever seen? hahaha.


Sep. 25th, 2006


High School's pretty sweet so far...:)

Ok. Well, today is Monday,  August 25, 2006. 11:03PM exactly. 

so far, school's been fun. I've met a bunch of new people, caught up with old ones, and it's been a blast so far. Thank God, right? I mean, I was so nervous before.

anywho...I tried out for the fall plays last Wednesday from 2:35 - ??? (I'm pretty sure that was the time...haha.) and got callbacks, which is good, especialyl since I know people who didn't...pretty sweeeeet.
but today at callbacks, we had to read this weird script, where like, I was the girl, and the guy was trying to get me to go on a date with him, but he'd always screw up his lines. So, there'd be a bell sound, and he'd go back like, 10 seconds and fix it [like, six times in a row...haha..]. It was kind of confusing, but we had to be "Flirtatious" so I tried to act like a slut. it made the directors laugh, though! But Sam (Frank's brother) and Kate (Joe's sister....damn I know wayy too many siblings haha.) did wicked good, too...Sam was better than the guy I had to work with (sorry, whoever you were!!!) He was so funny...the last line in the section we had to read was, "My Mother." (about the last "girlfriend" he had, or something like that.) and the guy I was partnered with said it all ashamed sounding, but Sam made it sound kind of proud, almost like saying, "YOUR MOM.", you know? (The play was called "Sure Thing", by the way.)

and then there were these two other people who had the funniest one about flies. you had to have been there. 

"What a great moon..." *looking at her ass*
"Yeah.." *looks off in the other direction of her ass* "I've never seen one before..."
*Looks with her* "Me neither..."

haha you had to be there, I'm telling you.
I wonder if that's one of the plays...Hmm...if it is, I hope they get the parts of it! They were so funny.

Yeah...soo....band has been fun, si, si...Umm...the first football game was pretty much friggin awesome. haha. I can't wait until the next one!

On Thursday, we get dismissed to go to the Big-E! YESSSS SWEEEETTTT! hahaha...I guess we get dismissed the period before lunch, or E period, or something...hopefully before I have the Picchisaurus Rex...God what a fucking bitch. I'm sorry - I don't usually swear about teachers on here. usually I don't swear about anyone on here! I just hate her. She's a jerk, and she sucks at teaching. and my guidence counselor - what a prick. God she pissed me off today. ughetfiohweuiwh tbv.....I'm not even going to describe it - it would take waaaaaaay too long, and I don't want to waste your time with my boring complaints about the people who run our school...humdeedumdum..

Yeah. So. I was loaded with homework today. I was doing it for five friggin hours. FIVE HOURS. and it was mainly because my Phys. Science teacher forgot to give us the WS we were supposed to do for homework last night. Yeah. That, plus the packet/measurment lab thing had to be done, with 5 different graphs, etc. I hope I get a good grade on this...:/...

Yes, so...I need to write to Alison. Desperately. I bought her a belated B-Day card, and I'm still yet to write her a letter. Her birthday was like, June 9th or 19th! I feel so bad...I hope she likes her card. It's wicked cute! I think it's got a turtle on it and it's like, "Happy Belated Birthday! With the best birthday wishes!" or something along the lines of that. She sent me the coolest one last year for my birthday. I love it! It's a picture of two girls sitting on a couch, with of course, martini glasses! It's all sparkly, and says something like, "To a Favourite Friend". It's so sick! I love the "u" in "Favourite"!!! That was one of the best gifts, I swear. I still have it in my room! No way am I throwing that out! pshh...hahaha.

yeah, so it's 11:21PM, and I'm practically falling asleep at the computer.

write more soon? Hope so!


Aug. 30th, 2006


Bye-Bye Summer...Hello High School...

Yes, well, Thursday, August 31st we start school.

MAN this summer went by fast! Too fast.

But hey, I'm excited about gonig into High School. I mean, today was the Freshmen's 'band camp' day (we have to go again tomarrow with the upper classmen...fuuuuun...haha.) and I had a blast, and that was only an hour and a half long!

Al and I were really bored, and there was absolutely nothing on TV (is there ever???) so we decided to go On-Demand and see what they had for movies.

we decided to watch "Memoirs of a Geisha" because she was in a good mood, and because she knew I'd been wanting to see it for a while.

OMG that movie is so effing long! and it didn't really make that much sense to me.

Of course, it didn't help that I couldn't understand what they were saying half of the time because they had such thick accents. haha.

It was funny, though, because Al and I were trying to guess whether it took place in China or Japan. 

I was thinking Japan because they kept saying, "...drink saki..." or h/e you spell it, and I know saki is a Japanese liquor. (Don't ask...went to a Japanese restaraunt with my family, and my mom told me about saki. haha.)

TTTHHHEEENNN finally, near the end of the movie, there's Japanese flags everywhere. we were like, "OOOOOOHHHHH!". yeah...hahaha.

what else...oh yeeeaaahhh and then, in the end of the movie, when they did a close-up of her face (I don't know what the hell her name was...I swear they changed it like, 1000000 times in the movie. wasn't it something that started with like, a 'g' at first? then it switched to one that started with an 's', and then to something else when she got that slutty girl's old room, then back to the 's' name! ahhh!...aaaaannyywwwhhoooo...) it showed her eyes. She had blue eyes!  I was just like, "OOOOHHH so THAT'S why they kept saying she had "watery eyes"!". we just thought her eyes looked watery; glossy. hahahahahhahahha.

yeah...soooo...today I got a Crunch Wrap Supreme (A.K.A. - The "Good-To-Go" Thing! hahahha.) 

OOOOMMMMFFFFGGGG they are so effing good!!!!!!!!!! they're very filling, though.
mmmmmmmm. hahaha. :):):)

well, it's 3:48AM right now. I'm only staying up this late because as Al said - "This is our last chance to stay up late before school..." so I'm taking advantage of it! lol.

I told my mom to wake me up by 9:00AM, though....so I've only got like what, five hours to sleep? hahaha. oh well, at least I know I'll sleep good tomarrow night...

UUUUGGGHHHHH school's on Thursday. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

and yet, I still don't know what to wear the first day of school. Hmmm....I'll have to look at my options tomarrow (or, later today haha.)

OOOHH! And Steph's on the same bus! YESSS! I was so happy when she told me. I haven't gotten my bus letter yet, but I know which bus Al's on, so I'll be on that one, and it's the same one Steph has, so YESSSSSSSS Fricken SWEET! haha.

anyways, I'm WICKED TIRED, so I'm going to go to bed.

write more later? Oh, I think so. lol. (just think, the next time I write in this I'll already been in school...ehhhhh...)


PS - 'Silent Hill' is a pretty sick movie! Dave let us borrow it for a few days, and Steph, Al, and I watched it the night before last. It's not that scary at all - mainly spooky and disturbing. Yet, I found it mildly amusing. For example - the armless-darkness dude. he reminded me SO BADLY of the Nobodies in KH2. There were other funny parts in there, like the woman from White Noise (the only who falls off the bulding.). She was just laying there, and I said really quitetly..."...It hurts so bad...". you had to be there - it was much more funnier. OH! and also, for the character Rose when they were calling after her! 

You see, Steph and I were watching When A Stranger Calls a while back, and were making fun of Rosa, and how the girl kept calling for her, and calling her phone. we were like, "Rrrrrrooooossssaaaaa?!?!". SOOOO in Silent Hill, when they were calling after Rose, I was like (quietly), "Rrrrrrroooooossssaaaaaa??!?!". Again, it was funnier if you were there.

aaaannnyywwwhoooo it's now 3:57AM, and I need to go to bed. write more later.


Aug. 24th, 2006



AHH! How could I have missed it?? 

It is now 1:02AM. 58 minutes ago, at 12:00AM, my dear Rupert Grint oficially turned 18! Ahh! How could I have missed posting this at Midnight? I'll tell you how: My mom let me buy two Grand Theft Auto games from WalMart. GOD those things are addicting...

AAANNYYYWHHOOOO this day isn't about killing people and stealing cars, is it? NO! it's about Rupert! I can't believe he's already 18...damn. hahahheheeheahe...he's 18...which means he's now officially legal here in the states....hehehehehhheheehahaehe....god I need to grow up a bit. but c'mon! you would think that, too, wouldn't you? 

yeah, no...anyways, I didn't come here to talk about video games and talk about how Rup's now able to be free and let go, I came to be respectful, and wish him a Happy Birthday. So, here I go:




oooh...and here are some pics - I can't believe how much he's grown! He went from cute and adorable, to fine and handsome. He's a Fine Piece of Meat! LOL!:

Then: (Casting Calls. Right when he found out he got the part as Ron!)


Now:  (Tribeca Portraits. For DL. Sorry for the writing on the picture. I can't fix it - it was put on there to make sure no one copied or stole them. but it is a beautiful and somewhat recent picture. aww..)

AAANNYYWHHOOO, it took me nearly half an hour to find these pics, resize them, load them onto Photobucket, then put them on here. it's 1:39AM and I'm wiped. 

I'll write more later.

Happy Birthday, Rup!


Aug. 23rd, 2006


one week from tomarrow..ehh.

Yeah. Soo...one week from tomarrow we'll be starting school. once again, I feel like I've wasted my summer away by doing nothing. except I've only started feeling this recently, knowing that school's coming up oh-too-soon. But I think I had an okay summer. last summer was wasted doing nothing, though...

AAANNYYWHHOOO...I can't believe tomarrow's Rupert's 18th birthday. he's all grown up! *gets teary eyed* haha just kidding. but still...he was only like what? 11 or 12 when I started to like him? ahh I dunno. maybe 12 at the least - 13 I think, because that was 5 years ago. and 18 minus 5 is 13. So, about 13 years old. hahaha. oh yes, be jealous at my basic-mathematics skills. :P

OMG. You know how I've been tracking the process of Driving Lessons for at least what? Six months now? I was so excited to find out it was coming out October 13th - just in time for my birthday! Oh, what a great gift that would be!!! I told my mom, I said, "Even if it's only showing in the IMAX theater in Rhode Island, that would be my gift - you bringing me and Steph there to see Driving Lessons!". and I jumped with joy (literlly jumped with joy) when I found out it was PG-13. Like, "YES! I could even go see it by myself if I wanted to!". But NO!!! They're only showing it in fucking NEW YORK AND LOS ANGELES. you know what??? FUCK YOU NY AND LA! you spoiled-anorexic ritzy-ditzy ass cities. screw you. 

I have been tracking this effing movie for SIX FUCKING MONTHS. I saw the first ever set pictures. I was excited when I found out it was playing only in Ireland. then England. and I FLIPPED OUT when it was in NY for the Tribecca Film Festival, because my dad had to pass right by that area for work. I was there, hoping and praying it would even come to the US. Hoping and praying it wouldn't go straight to DVD. But noooooooo it has to go to the two most idiotic cities in this whole fucking douchbag country. goddamn.


AAANNNYYWHHHOOOO tomarrow's the first day of the Taste. even though there aren't going to be any rides, I still think it'll be fun to hang around and see who else goes.

I'll write more later.


Aug. 13th, 2006


Albus Dumbledore, Rest In Peace...

Ok. well, today I finsihed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. OMG was SOBBING at the end! Like, especially when *You-Know-Who* died. Like, I aleady knew he died, and how, but still. I can't believe there's only one book left...*sigh*...it's so depressing. Steph and I are definately going to the Barnes and Noble midnight party. You know, for the last and..final...instalment in the Harry Potter series.

The last sentence of the book really makes me think that Harry's going to die in the 7th book. It's something like, "At least Harry knew he'd have at least one more golden day with Ron and Hermione." or something like that. Ahhh...

and then when Harry took the locket, and found out it wasn't even the Horcrux...oh man. That got me going. I wonder who that R.A.B. or whatever the initials are, is. Hmmm....AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNDDDD I was surprised about how he (not the one who died...the BAD he.) was the Half-Blood Prince. I expected such a HUGE explination. but no, it was like, three sentences. Not even, maybe.

Aklvjutjkwnv s/liu;ahnfo;yvg; tyhwkfjbns890eyfkjbv,........Yes, anywho.

I haven't updated for a while, so I guess I'll say: I GOT MY TOP BRACES OFF! woot! aaaaaand then a couple days after that I got my temp. front teeth on. I'm going back in early September to get my permanent teeth. 

My dentist appt. when I was getting my temps on was 2 and 1/2 hours long. ughhhghghghhghhh can you talk about BORING?? but at least the dentist and assistent were funny. omg they were halarious. 
they just cracked jokes and fought and other stuff. and before he even started my teeth, he took  a "Before" picture with his digital camera. Well, I guess he had just got back from his honeymoon in HAWAII, and showed me a pic of him with two of his dogs. He's such a feminine guy. he was two little yippy dogs, gets manicures/pedicures, and isn't afraid to admit that George Clooney and Johnny Depp are good looking men. hahahahahaha...they were crazy.

yeah, so, while they were in the middle of doing my front teeth, I had to pee REEEEAAAALLLYY bad. my front teeth were all ground down to little stubs. (I had six novicane shots...yeah my gums did hurt a few days afterwords. but it's worth it!). I looked like a monster. Almost like Voldemort from the 4th movie. I looked like a monster! Thank God she let me use the Dentist's bathroom, so I wouldn't have to go out into a very visible area. but I still covered my mouth so that I wouldn't make any little kids scared. 

yeah...sooo....I'm tired.

I think now that I've read the latest Harry Potter installment, I can safely go online and look up HP stuff without being worried of spoiling anything! woot!

I'll write more later.



Jul. 31st, 2006


Oh yeah..

Oh, and it's also Neville Longbottom's birthday , too. Sooo, Happy Birthdy, Neville!

(haha, everyone forgets poor Neville...but hey could be very important...cuz he shares the same b-day as Harry. he could be the one mentioned in the prophacy. Hmmm...)

OHHHHH and JK is now 41 today, and if you think about how the age works for the books (from the moment JK thought about Harry, he was born. so that was a looooooong time ago. ok, not that long..) Harry and Neville are both 26 years old.

Thanks to Mugglenet for saying how old eveyone is. I would've never figured it out. haha.



Haaaappppyyyyy Biiiiiiiirrrrrrttthhhhhddddaaayyyyyy!!!

Today is Monday, July 31, 2006. 

Whiiiccchhhh meeeeaaaannnnsssss it's JK Rowling's birthday! soo Happy Birthday, Jo!

And, if you didn't know, it's also Harry Potter's birthday in the books. Soo...(I know this is kind of stupid, but hey...c'mon, it's the main character..) Happy Birthday, Harry!

yeahh....umm...so I'll post a few pics. hold on...

oooh....PS - you can see JK in my icon, too...haha.

I'll write more later.

much love.


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